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READY Disc Golf is changing the game for thousands of disc golfers by educating, inspiring and providing the most efficient, effective and safe training programs ever created.


Training With reADY dISC GOLF

Disc golfers are athletes. It’s time you start training like one.

Whether you’re new to the sport or touring courses across the globe, it’s important to consider how to get your body ready for the motions of disc golf. Improving your fitness with targeted training programs will help you level up your game and feel great from tee off to turn in.

Backed by science and driven by results, READY Disc Golf’s programs are designed to help you train for balance, injury resilience, mobility and efficient form to improve accuracy and distance while also preventing muscle soreness on and off the course. All this together help you play more disc golf at a higher level!

ready disc golf training

Our training philosophy focus on 4 core aspects of the game


Injury Resilience.

Sports that have a repetitive nature start to break down the body over time. READY Disc Golf Training Programs are designed to help prevent and reverse some of the effects of this, making you less prone to injury so you can play more efficiently and for longer.

Mobility + Stability.

Many people discover differences in flexibility from side-to-side, weak muscles from previous injuries or sticky spots they weren’t aware of when they start training. READY Disc Golf Training Programs get you moving, help you find balance and teach you how to move better.

Rotational Power.

Disc Golf is a rotational power sport – using your whole body to make your hand go fast. READY Training Programs are designed to create fluency in your rotational power movements. By helping you better create rotational power, READY Disc Golf can advance your game and lower your score.

Efficient Form.

Throwing efficiently means better consistency, more power and lower chances of injury. READY Disc Golf is committed to exploring throwing movements and teaching you how to throw well.

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shave strokes off your game


Learn how to warm up before your casual or competitive round


Discover your new post round cooldown routine


Stay loose throughout the day, the disc golf way


Get disc golf ready, anywhere, anytime


Prepare your body for the motions of disc golf

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READY Disc Golf improves the quality of life and longevity in the game for thousands of disc golfers by educating, inspiring and providing the most efficient, effective and safe targeted training programs ever created.


Discover where to focus your disc golf training with our READY Disc Golf Self-Assessment.

warm up

Learn how to get your body ready before a round of disc golf with our our ready warm up.


Improve your mobility and stability through sport-specific strengthening, balance and injury resilience.


Train the fundamental motions of disc golf to improve your performance and longevity in the game.

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Client Testimonials

I am most appreciative of the fact that the ReadyDG program is purpose built with functional mobility and strength at it’s very foundation. The movements specifically target the body in the areas most needed to advance and elevate not only your physical disc golf game, but also your overall fitness and health as a person.

If they could only make all of my putts go in I would direct deposit my paycheck into their accounts.

Brad lescalleet

PDGA # 27920, Current Rating; 973 MPO

Ready Disc Golf off-season training is truly a fantastic program that all disc golfers would benefit from. The workouts are geared specifically towards disc golf-related strength and mobility that not only help take your game to the next level, but also to endure those long rounds and tournament weekends, and help prevent injury. On top of that, Andrew and Zac are very knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and are always there to answer any questions you may have. I can honestly say I feel stronger after completing the program – I have noticed more power behind my throws, I feel less fatigued after long rounds, and as a fun bonus, I have felt like my running speed has improved!

Kat johnson

PDGA #130187, Current Rating 871 FPO

Ready training was a game changer for me! Each phase of the program introduced new exercises and modifications which kept workouts interesting and very challenging! The workouts were manageable with my schedule, while still getting out for rounds of disc.I have greatly improved my mobility and strength.

Chris Hartmann

PDGA # 60726, Current Rating 979 MP50

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